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Visually Manifesting My Dream Home

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

This website is a visual manifestation of my dream life. I am organizing and creating a new life where I am fulfilled with my career, where my kids are happy most of the time, and where my surroundings are uplifting and special to me. I am sharing this journey with you in hopes it inspires you to do the same. Manifest the best version of yourself and the best life you can!

I would argue that your mental health should be a top priority. This one aspect of life spills over into every other part of life. So, why is having an alluring home important to your mental health? I have contemplated this, beyond aesthetics, I realized that our surroundings affect our mood, and self image. Even more, having a neat, clean and "pretty" home helps develop mental clarity and peace. Admit it, everyone likes to look at pretty homes. One thing we know is that our thoughts create feeling, so the thoughts we have about our homes affect us daily. Art and design speaks to our emotions and penetrates our soul. Having loving thoughts about the space you live in actually improves your mental health, which should be as high a priority as physical health. Our brains and bodies are connected and we need to love our body and mind together in a place that pulls us into comfort and amour. This blog is a guide with tips to easily and affordably cozy up your home to improve your mental health.

When I first started this site, my intention was to offer heart and soul inspiring home decor. Because, I believe home is where we should go for comfort and if "Home is where the heart is" then your home should be inviting, honest, forgiving, warm, and full of love. Thank you Pinterest for giving me a vision board to find myself in a future home of my dreams. I realized I needed to make some changes for my mental health, and started taking charge of my life starting with my home. My self-image needed a make over and surroundings are part of how we think of ourselves. I cleaned, got organized, then I made a few large trips to donate old retired decor that no longer serves my new self-image. To save money and give me a creative outlet, I restored furniture from Facebook marketplace and paid $75 for a large very heavy old farmhouse table that needed a little TLC. I stripped the old stain, sanded, conditioned the wood then re-stained it. Viola! Updated dining room! Then ordered a few new pieces to pick me up. I felt like the new version of myself was coming along just right.

Design your life

One simple thing that always makes me so happy are fresh flowers. I love roses, they smell amazing and are gorgeous. A bouquet in a vase or loose in a basket.

Or even better are roses and old books. I love books! Looking at them gives me an overwhelming feeling of peace.

Another kind of decoration that I love are frames, picture frames, empty frames, mirror frames. I love antique frames or antique looking frames. Hanging on the wall, or sitting on a counter. I love this mirror below, the detail and shape are perfection. I would probably sand off some paint off the corners, but that is the only thing I would change. I really love the French country look.

Antiques are my favorite. I love the unique look of aged and chipping paint. I love thinking of what the history behind each piece could be. I especially love the details of antique furniture. I love the handles on this dresser below.

Now it's time for you to dreamscape your new comforting home!

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