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Self Image And Our Home

Our surroundings tell a story about who we are. Our homes tell visitors, and ourselves, what we value and give a glimpse into who we are. How we style our homes tell people about our personality. I am not just talking about the structure of the home, I'm also talking about the furniture, pictures, lamps and mirrors. The decorative pillows we have thrown on the couch and beds tell about a piece of our soul. Not to mention the city and neighborhood. Each city has a vibe, does your city match your vibe? Does your neighborhood match your vibe? The realization that my city, neighborhood, and home did not match the vibe of who I really wanted to be took me on this journey, and introduced me to you!

My story used to look like little bits and pieces of who I wanted to be, surrounded with other peoples stuff and messy corners and piles of stuff I didn't know what to do with, along with piles of kids toys. It was a mess, not a home I wanted to look at. Looking around made me realize I needed to clean up my brain regarding my self image, who am I deep down, the person I really want to be. I want to be the person who can kindly say, no thank you that's not my style and not worry about hurting peoples feelings. Just because it's free or cheap, does not mean it belongs with me. I wanted to be the person who plans things out and follows through with my own promises I make to myself. A person who prioritizes self care in order to take care of the people I love the most.

Keeping this in mind, I journaled about the person I truly am at my best, and started planning my time out to become that person. One of the most important parts of that was making my house my home. I found this picture of a house on Pinterest that I loved, it spoke to my soul, and I planned out my life to becoming the woman and mother who has and enjoys this house.

The home that I am coming to live into, has creamy white walls and antique furniture. It has neutral colors with little pops of muted tones, some baby blues and blush pinks. Flowers will adorn many table and counter tops and seasonal decor will bring joy to my heart. A linen closet will house comfortable cotton and luxurious silks of warm tones. As I've aged a bit, I notice more of what makes me feel good and what does not. There is something about a beautifully made bed that is so satisfying, or an inviting garden that peps up my step. Looking for these little surroundings that make you feel the happiest you, are what life is about. Be yourself, and let the comfort of your inner you light the way to joyous surrounding!

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